getting better. it begins with you.

Are you ready to…

    •    Get some clarity about what you actually want from life?    
    •    Stop feeling so overwhelmed about your current situation?
    •    Quit worrying about what other people think about you?
    •    Find solutions that help change something in your life?
    •    Unearth excuses and dig into the real stuff holding you back?
    •    Make changes that put you back in charge of your life?
    •    Allow me to provide that extra push to get you where you want to be?
    •    Work in an honest and transparent manner, even if you might not like what I have to say?
    •    Be accountable and fully present in your life? If we agree you do something, I’ll check in to see you do it!

Ready to get what you want out of life? Then step forward and take charge.

What should I expect from our sessions?


A life-changing shift - with encouragement, support and a light kick or two. Yup, there will be times when you’ll need a little tough love going forward. We’ll explore who you are – so you can properly understand why you act and think the way you do – while figuring out what’s going on inside your head and most importantly, how you can start. 

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Trial Session

This introductory call/meet-up gives you a taste of what coaching is all about and what I’m all about – making sure we’re a good fit is so important. We get to know each other and you get to ask any question about coaching. Any question about how I can help you.


Discovery Session

If we are a good fit and you are ready to go, we get together for a discovery session – to uncover what to expect and what to aim for.

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Coaching Sessions

Our sessions together can be what you want it to be. Weekly, bi-weekly – whatever’s best for you.