GEtting better. from those who have begun to.

“Working with Dina has been a life-changing experience for me, simply put. I came to Dina with some of my deepest and most stubborn demons, things I have been struggling with for years, if not my whole life. Dina helped me to clearly define my goals and what I felt was blocking me from reaching them. Learning how to unpack and visualize my goals, behaviours and thought patterns helped me to move from feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed, to feeling empowered and calm. Dina has a gift for guiding conversations, helping me to feel comfortable opening up and pushing me to see things in new ways and not over think. She listens and offers her thoughts with an open and caring heart and measured wisdom, assuming the role of coach in its purest form. Not to mention, she’s funny, charismatic and very down to earth – an absolute joy of a person. I will forever be grateful for having met Dina.”
— A.K
Dina brings a sense of compassion and deep listening to the table. It’s wonderful to feel heard, and to feel like you have a safe space to explore all the ideas that seem crazy in your head, but that become more real with each session. I couldn’t recommend her more.”
— D.G
I am grateful for having met Dina when I was in a time of need. Throughout our sessions, I was able to recover from past traumas and process my current life experience. She was courageous enough to help me explore my own vulnerability on certain topics, and callenge me to reach my greatest potential. I was able to grow in many aspects of my life such as: connection, relationships, self-worth, fears and needs. Dina accurately points out any patterns I exhibit that are completely oblivious to me. She is an empowered coach and a relatable friend.
— T.A
Working with Dina has been fantastic. Even after my first taster session, my perceptions and my frame of mind started shifting. Since then, Dina has helped me find the confidence and courage to make some incredibly powerful and positive changes in my life – including quitting my job and kickstarting an exciting new phase. I realise now that investing in myself is the most important investment I could ever make if I want to be a healthier, happier human, and Dina’s cheerleading has been invaluable. Dina has an intuition for getting to the important stuff while holding a safe space with no judgements, leading to breakthroughs that appear to come from nowhere. She’s also such great fun, respectful and wholly present in every session. I’m so grateful for the experience.
— L.L
I was in a rut and didn’t really know what to do about it. A friend of mine raved about the personal growth she experienced while working with Dina so I decided to give it a go. Our sessions together were more beneficial than I could have anticipated. In a supportive and judgement-free setting, Dina forced me to truly reflect on my current situation and delve into how I really wanted to move forward with my life. Often calling me up on my own BS, Dina helped me empower myself with better self-awareness and to be more ‘present in the moment’ and actively involved in the choices I make. I am very grateful for our time together.
— S.C